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Amnesia - Chicago, IL

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heya so i thought i’d make a little help masterpost. (if you prefer a page there’s one here x)

listen to let it go from frozen in 25 different languages
luke’s giggle will make u happy
5sos did a dumb thing that will make you smile
and another dumb thing
you’re cute, so look at this complimenting website
watch some good movies:—)
playlists for your moods
cute random acts of kindness
play some pointless dumb but entertaining games to cheer you up
disney movies!!
cute things to make you happy
noise machines to help you calm down
if school is making you sad: remember that your mental health comes before schoolwork, always, and your teacher will understand that.
self-harm alternatives
if you’ve already self-harmed, take care of your cuts/burns/etc !!
country suicide hotlines
suicide hotline masterpost
how to stop self-harming + fully understand it
butterfly project (self-injury prevention)
suicidal? talk to someone or help someone!
suicide prevention- like a hotline, but online!
not sure how to help someone who is suicidal?
reasons to live
tips to help stop cutting
how to fade/cover/hide your scars
how to explain scars (excuses)
just relapsed?
coping with your depression
natural depression treatments
antidepressants: which one should you ask for?
types of mental health issues
feel the need to see blood? (cut a white screen)
the thoughts room
understanding anxiety
different types of anxieties
having a panic attack?
dealing with social anxiety
explanations of many anxiety disorders
tips to beat insomnia
understanding & curing insomnia
when to try to sleep (based on when you need to wake up)
tips for falling asleep quickly
how to help someone having a panic attack
do not say these things to someone having a panic attack!!
tips for calming down your anxiety
why you should try to recover
feeling bloated?
prevent your relapse!
why you should recover (why you need to eat)
love your body
bulimia recovery steps
stop putting yourself down
boost your confidence
if you can think of other links to add or need help, message me anytime xx

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praying this is Michael

@5SOS: Luke is singing to me :)


5 Seconds of - Cuddles

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